Fjords furniture material colors inspired by the fall and winter seasons

Warm, cozy nights and the rustling of leaves outside signal the transition from the vibrant energy of summer to the snug embrace of fall and winter. As nature shifts its palette, so do our interiors.

At Fjords, we understand the importance of harmonizing your home with the changing seasons—or simply with your favorite season. We’ve drawn inspiration from nature to curate the top 13 fabric and leather material colors inspired by fall’s warm and cozy color palette and a cool winter color palette.

From the soft whispers of our fabrics to the rich undertones of our leathers, dive into a world where nature and design intertwine.

Fall Flora & Fauna

Immerse yourself in the beauty of an autumnal tapestry full of rich hues, warm-tone colors and textures that signal a change in the winds.

Winter Blues & Other Hues

As we begin to feel the pull of hibernation, cool tones and warm accents start calling. Incorporate these in your Fjords furniture for year-round coziness.

Holiday Party Hues

Celebrate the festive season year-round with colors that evoke the joy, warmth and sparkle of holiday gatherings.

Add these Hues to Your Home

At Fjords, we are ever inspired by nature’s beauty. The range of our materials demonstrates a full cozy color palette of seasonal hues that are stunning all year long. Whether you’re looking for the warmth of fall colors or the cool coziness of winter, Fjords furniture will make a relaxing statement in your home.

Find a Fjords furniture dealer near you today to experience the relaxation.