Luxury Scandinavian Recliners

Ergonomic Designs to Fit Every Body 

A man relaxes in a leather ergonomic recliner featuring Scandinavian style from Fjords

Sit back and unwind from the day in a Fjords luxury recliner. These Scandinavian-designed recliners are inspired by Norwegian nature and crafted with your comfort in mind. When you want a recliner that fits your style aesthetic and gives you unparalleled comfort, you need Fjords.  

Available in both fabric and leather, Fjords recliners give you continuous back and leg support for the ultimate reclining experience. Choose from a variety of recliner styles and customization options. For example, our Norwegian leather ergonomic recliners offer the ability to select from several laminated wood bases. Some recliners are available in two sizes, so you can find exactly what you need for your space.  

Our luxury recliners are made with cold-cured foam and no-sag springs for lasting comfort and durability. The internal frame is powder coated to prevent rust from developing and damaging the foam. 

Our luxury reclining chairs are available in all our leathers and fabrics. Select a Scandinavian recliner by Fjords below to learn more about its specific features. If you’re looking for a Fjords recliner for sale, find a dealer near you.

The Relax Collection from Fjords

The reclining Relaxers in our Relax Collection come in motorized and manual versions that swivel, glide and rock. The motorized recliners have a three-motor system with controls for power recline, lumbar and neck support. They also feature a USB charger for phones and tablets near the controls.

The Classic Comfort Collection from Fjords

Our Classic Comfort Collection features the Fjords® Active Release System™, so the neck angle automatically adjusts while you recline. Some of the leather reclining chairs in this collection offer an adjustable head pillow for maximum comfort and a manual-release adjustable headrest angle.

The Modern Living Collection from Fjords

The luxury motorized Scandinavian recliners in our Modern Living Collection pair contemporary design with unrivaled seating comfort. The dual motorized design provides continuous support for your back and legs, with independent control of the footrest and back position.