Fjords Mudal

About Fjords

Inspired by Norwegian nature since 1941

For over 80 years, we have been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of luxury furniture. Two brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde, started the whole thing in the fjordside districts of Norway.

In 1946, our third brother, Ingvald, joined the business. Thanks to our burning commitment and great skill, we managed to build a business which has become one of Norway’s largest furniture groups. We have gone from being a small family business located in modest cellar premises, to what we are today, a company with market shares in five continents.

Quality, design, relaxation and function.

Sophisticated engineering and design can be found in all aspects of Fjords products. They are the culmination of decades of studying the human body and how it reacts to movement, while keeping consistent with our focus on craftmanship and designing attractive products.

Always look for the official Fjords logo on all of our products to ensure that you are experiencing authentic Fjords comfort and relaxation.


Relaxation is not a luxury – it is essential.

It’s important for your body to be truly comfortable; this means that the chair you choose needs to be more than just a soft place to sit. An ergonomically correct chair will provide continuous support and comfort which will prevent your legs and back from becoming tired.

Such a chair will relax your body, enabling your blood to circulate more freely. As your back relaxes, your spine is gently supported in the right places and at the correct angle.

Tradition and innovation

The main key to our philosophy, is to find the combination between tradition and innovation, the point where yesterday’s knowledge meets modern technology. This makes us reliable and trustworthy, from product quality to delivery. Just like the ocean, we move constatly towards the goal, and like the mountains we will always have our roots in the past.

It makes us unique.
It makes us Fjords.

Spinnaker Chair