Fjords Breen Chair

Product Development

We are fully focused on the future – whilst carrying the best from the past along with us.

The past brought a wealth of knowledge and tradition – important and useful heirlooms for our designers and product developers to carry forward when they create new, modern furnishing concepts.


By being visible in the marketplace, both nationally and internationally, the Fjords collection is helping to decide the direction and set the agenda for tomorrow’s furnishing and interior trends. More and more people are therefore becoming aware of our furnishing collections, always signed with quality, comfort and all that is Norwegian.

Lobster Chair in ocean

Inspired by norwegian nature

What makes us different? Is it the landscape of contrasts around us, where the ceaseless movement of the ocean meets the sturdy solidity of the mountains? Or is it the light in Norway – constantly changing – sometimes light, sometimes dark, the one unable to exist without the other? Is that what makes us different from other furniture makers around the world? Yes and no. The nature around us is robust – what we make is solid. The nature around us is generous – our furniture is designed for generous comfort.

Tradition and innovation

But the most important key to our philosophy is to find the meeting point of tradition and innovation, the point at which yesterday’s knowledge meets today’s technology. This makes us solid and trustworthy in everything from product quality to delivery. We are always moving towards our goal, just like the ocean we will always have our roots in the past, just like the mountain.

That makes us unique. That makes us Fjords.

Axel Still image