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Our History


Furniture manufacturing started on a small scale in 1941 in the cellar of the Hjellegjerde® family in Sykkylven, a fjord village in Møre and Romsdal. Brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde were the original founders.

As the years went by, the cellar was constantly being enlarged to allow an increase in production, and the third brother, Ingvald, joined the company in 1946.

With a burning desire to create, the brothers built a business that has become one of Norway’s largest furniture groups and an important player in the development of the Norwegian furniture industry.

Craftsmanship, quality and norwegian design

Hjellegjerde® has since its inception in 1941 undergone many changes. From modest beginnings to steady growth in 5 continents, Lithuania and Thailand, we focus on supplying crafsmanship. Modern technology later became an important part of the production process. The range has moved from producing purely Scandinavian sofas and chairs to including more internationally-oriented functional furniture concepts.


Long standing commitment to quality

History shows that Hjellegjerde® was founded on will, commitment, belief and guts, both among management and employees. This is a fair description of the business today as well, where people believe in what they are doing, and the products are created with as much commitment and pride as in 1941.

The Fjords brand is established

In 2006, the Fjords brand was launched as the new market name outside Norway; it will carry forward the furnishing tradition which had such humble beginnings in the Hjellegjerde family’s cellar. Ever since the modern, new factory was completed in 1983, it has been a deliberate Hjellegjerde strategy to address the international market.

Fjords Axel

The way forward

By delivering total concepts of consistent style, Fjords has been established for the future, with modern technology and traditional craftsmanship hand in hand. Technology maintains and improves product quality, but it is people who make the products special. We see the value of the people who create our products and we let the thoughts of those with long experience of making furniture meld with the creative, fresh ideas of the young. We are also proud of our traditions – something we are carrying with us into the future. Combining this with the ability to think afresh, to be curious and innovative, we will be a forward looking furnishing group, which doesn’t just follow, but sets the trends in furnishings and interiors.