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Fjords warranty

10-years warranty – Frames. 10 years for the metal frame and all steel mechanical functions. Classic Comfort Collection, Relax Collection, Modern Living Collection and Norsk Collection (excluding reclining mechanism and power components for the Relax and Modern Living Collections)

5-years warranty – Molded Foam, Wood components, Gas Cylinders and all Cables. Molded cushions are warranted against collapsing for a period of 5 years. Loss of foam resiliency should not be confused with softening of foam which results from normal wear and tear.

3-years warranty. 3 years for swing Relax Collection and Modern Living Collection reclining mechanisms and power components.

2-years warranty. 2 years on leather or fabric covers.

  • i. This is not an unlimited warranty.
  • ii. For fabric: this is a warranty against pilling or wear through only.
  • iii. For leather: this is a warranty against wear through or tearing only. It does not warrant against soiling, especially soiling caused by sweat and other body fuids.
  • iv. It does not warrant against fade or color loss.

1-year warranty –
Battery for Modern Living Collection.

Notes. Consumer must go through purchasing dealer for any warranty claims. In almost every case, Fjords/Hjellegjerde will work with the purchasing dealer to replace any component that has failed that is under warranty. Only in the most unusual of circumstances will we consider replacing the whole product. The option to replace the whole product rests solely upon Fjords/Hjellegjerde.

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