Narrowing down your choices of furniture can be tricky. So, before you feel the need to look at every single chair, recliner and sofa that Fjords offers, why not narrow down your options based on your interior design style?  

We’ve listed our top three furniture pieces for the following interior design styles: Scandinavian, boho, modern farmhouse, trendy, mid-century modern and biophilic.  

Let’s start with the obvious … Scandinavian design style.  


Scandinavian Design Furniture

Originating from the Nordic countries, this style emphasizes clean lines, functionality and simplicity. It features neutral colors (especially whites and grays), natural materials like wood and leather and minimalistic decor. There’s an emphasis on comfort, with cozy textiles like wool and sheepskins often present.

scandinavian design showcase

All of Fjords furniture hints at Scandinavian design at the minimum. However, these three pieces really reflect the aesthetic of clean lines and natural materials. 

Nordic 3 seat

Nordic 3 Seat 

Bohemian Furniture Style

This eclectic and free-spirited style draws inspiration from around the world, combining patterns, textures and colors in a seemingly unplanned way. It often incorporates vintage furniture, global accents and plants. The aesthetic exudes an artistic, relaxed and unconventional vibe. 

Our sleek furniture allows your bohemian style pieces to really pop. The clean lines and simple fabrics help your boho style to stand out while providing a relaxing space to chill at the end of the day. 

Admiral C 

Modern Farmhouse Furniture

A blend of traditional rustic and modern design elements, this style showcases a cozy, welcoming charm. It features natural textures, wood beams, metal accents and a neutral color palette often punctuated with navy blues or soft greens. Shiplap, barn doors and apron sinks are some commonly associated features. 

Up the cozy level with these pieces from Fjords. The recliners and reclining sofas featured rounded edges with angular stitching. Add a touch of color with Axel or pull in additional natural elements with Falcon. 


Trendy Furniture

Trendy interiors focus on what’s “in” at the moment, adapting to the latest styles, colors and design innovations. This style can change rapidly based on current cultural aesthetics and might incorporate elements from other design styles in unique ways. Metallic accents, bold color combinations and unconventional layouts or materials can often be seen in this style.  

The beauty of Fjords furniture is that it rarely goes out of style. These high-quality pieces offer years of relaxation while complementing your trendy décor style.  


Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Dating back to the mid-20th century, this style is characterized by its clean, uncluttered lines, functional forms and an organic approach to modernism. It incorporates natural wood, bold colors and geometric patterns.

Many of our pieces hint at years past—because of their timeless design inspiration. These sofas and chairs incorporate those famous lines and mixed materials that can blend seamlessly with your vintage pieces.


Biophilic Furniture

This design trend focuses on bringing the outdoors in. It often involves integrating plants, natural lighting, nature views and organic materials into the interior to promote well-being. The aesthetic makes the space feel more alive and refreshing.  

These pieces by Fjords highlight curved, organic lines and shapes. They combine textiles, wood and metal elements that would feel right at home in a biophilic space filled with sunlight, plants and other natural elements.  


Furniture for Any Interior Design Style

Not only do interior design trends change over time, but so do your own tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for high-quality furniture that can be incorporated into nearly any interior design style, give Fjords a try. 

Find a Fjords furniture dealer near you today to experience relaxation made beautiful.