Shopping for a new sofa can be daunting. With seemingly endless options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

However, there’s a furniture brand that consistently stands out among the rest for its high quality, innovative design, and unparalleled comfort: Fjords.

Let’s dive into the top six reasons why you should choose a Fjords sofa to complete your home.

1. Scandinavian Design  

The clean lines, minimalistic aesthetic and functional approach of Scandinavian design are embodied in each Fjords sofa. These are not just pieces of furniture; they are meticulously crafted expressions of art that add a sophisticated touch to your space.  

The beauty of the design lies in its simplicity – a simplicity that accentuates comfort without compromising on style. 

2. Ergonomic Seating Experience 

Fjords sofas are designed with your comfort and health in mind. Ergonomically designed, these sofas perfectly contour to your body, providing optimal support and reducing the strain on your muscles and joints.  

We use molded polyurethane foam that fits the exact shape of the furniture. This cold-cure foam retains its shape and structure much longer than block foam. Since our furniture holds up over time, your ergonomic seating experience will too.  

3. Available in Different Seat Configurations 

Whatever your space or seating needs, we have you covered.  

Fjords sofas come in different seat configurations, from cozy two-seaters perfect for small living rooms to larger modular sofas ideal for spacious open-plan areas.  

Additionally, optional table or sectional wedges can be added for extra convenience and style. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or simply enjoying a relaxing Sunday, there’s a sofa to suit your needs. 

4. Motorized Reclining Movement for End Seats 

The Fjords reclining sofas in our Relax Collection feature motorized reclining movement for the end seats. You no longer have to struggle with manual reclining mechanisms. At the press of a button, you can effortlessly adjust your position for maximum comfort.  

Plus, these sofas incorporate our innovative Wall Saver mechanism. Unlike traditional reclining sofas that require ample space between the sofa and the wall, this mechanism allows the sofa to recline while remaining close to the wall, saving valuable floor space. 

5. Customizable Elements for the Perfect Fit 

With Fjords sofas, you’re not just buying a piece of furniture—you’re designing a lifestyle. Our sofas offer customizable elements that allow you to tailor your furniture to your unique style.  

Choose from different arm and leg styles, a wide range of fabrics and various modular layouts. We even offer matching chairs and ottomans for select sofas in our Norsk Collection.  

Despite this variety, each piece stays true to Fjords’ signature Norwegian design and modern aesthetic. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for your style.  

6. Wide Availability 

The final advantage (at least in this list) is the availability of Fjords furniture. We have dealers across North America, making it easy for you to explore your options and ask any questions you may have. 

Fjords’ sofas offer unparalleled comfort, timeless Scandinavian design, variety and customization and more. They’re an ideal choice for your next furniture purchase.  

Find a Fjords dealer near you today.