Norwegian furniture design is renowned worldwide for its impeccable craftsmanship, elegant simplicity and unparalleled comfort. In an age where health and wellbeing are taking center stage, Fjords goes beyond aesthetics to ensure our furniture designs provide not only a luxurious appeal but also ergonomic benefits.

One important benefit is correct lumbar support. It is a crucial aspect of furniture design that is often overlooked – yet it is a game changer for overall health and wellbeing.

Keep reading to find out why you should invest in an ergonomic chair wit lumbar support.

The Lumbar Spine and Its Importance

Before diving into the design aspects, lets briefly discuss the lumbar region. The lumbar spine is located in the lower back. it consists of five vertebrae known as L1 through L5. They carry the most body weight and are the most flexible, which is why they are the most susceptible to injury and pain.

In today’s increasingly sedentary lifestyles, with long hours spent in front of screens, maintaining correct posture is paramount to prevent discomfort and chronic issues such as lower back pain.

That’s where the concept of lumbar support steps in.

Lumbar Support: An Ergonomic Necessity

Lumbar support helps maintain the natural inward curvature of the lower spine. This prevents the lower back from chronic straining. Without appropriate support, prolonged sitting can lead to slumping, which causes the lumbar spine to flatten. This leads to discomfort, pain and potential long-term damage.

But how do we provide a chair for back support?

How can furniture be designed to uphold the principles of ergonomics without compromising on the exquisite allure that is synonymous with Scandinavian design?

Norwegian Design Meets Ergonomics

At Fjords, we harmoniously merge the science of ergonomics with the art of our traditional Norwegian furniture design. Our priority is to ensure that our pieces are not only beautiful in your home but also beneficial to your health.

Each item is meticulously designed and constructed to support the natural contour of your spine, focusing heavily on providing superior lumbar support.

We use premium materials that adapt to your body, providing a unique blend of firmness and flexibility. Our designs provide enough resistance to support your lower back, while also offering the flexibility to move and breathe, allowing the user to comfortably settle into the furniture for extended periods. 

Designing for Lumbar Support 

An ergonomically correct chair will provide continuous support and comfort. It will relax your body, enabling your blood to circulate more freely. As your back relaxes, your spine is gently supported in the right places and at the correct angle.  

When designing a chair for back support—specifically lumbar support—we pay close attention to the following features. 

  1. Contoured Backrests

Our chairs and sofas are designed with a slightly arched backrest to mimic the natural curve of the spine, providing support precisely where it’s needed. 

Fjords recliners allow continuous reclining of the back and provide comprehensive support to prevent tiredness in your legs and back. Your individual resting position is easily achieved by moving your body. 

  1. Adjustability

People come in all shapes and sizes, and so should our furniture. Many of our recliners are available in two sizes.  

All of our recliners feature the Active Release System™, a unique, built-in mechanism that automatically provides the best neck and back support. If desired, it can easily be adjusted by a single movement to further enhance your seating experience. 

  1. High-Quality Materials

Block foam tends to lose its suppleness after a few years of everyday use. This makes it softer—and less supportive—as time passes. At Fjords, we mold polyurethane foam into the shape of your furniture. This cold-cure foam retains its shape and structure much longer than block foam. 

Our furniture holds up over time, so it can comfortably support your spine for years. 

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Finally, while ergonomics and comfort are crucial, we don’t overlook the importance of visual appeal. We ensure that each piece upholds the elegant, clean lines and timeless appeal of Scandinavian design. 

Enhancing Your Wellbeing  

Our commitment to these principles results in beautifully crafted furniture that supports your body, promotes good health and enhances your living spaces. 

Want to experience it for yourself? Find a Fjords dealer near you today.