Deep in the heart of Norway’s rugged terrain, where nature’s beauty converges with centuries-old traditions, Fjords furniture emerged as a beacon of excellence. Here, amidst the panoramic landscapes and serene fjords, the seeds of our brand were sown. Our rich heritage of craftsmanship and artistry took root and was passed down through generations.  

In the small in Northwestern, Norway, modern furniture-making techniques evolved. At Fjords, we’ve embraced innovation while holding steadfast to our cherished legacy of excellence, design and providing an elevated well-being for customers and employees.   

European values are the heart of our brand. As a family-owned company, these principles are deeply ingrained in the very fabric of our existence. We are bound by a common purpose: to cultivate a culture of hard work and loyalty. We also offer comprehensive benefits and the utmost care for our employees. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship is etched into the Fjords legacy. Our commitment to quality goes far beyond the surface of the upholstery. It is infused into the very structure of every luxury recliner and sofa sold around the world.  

While the lure of blue-box Scandinavian furniture may be tempting, those who have experienced the quality craftsmanship of Fjords luxury furniture can truly understand the distinction. Crafted in two sizes, our recliners provide optimal support and alignment for your body’s every contour.   

Timeless Design

Within our distinguished history, we find inspiration in the visionary talents of Olav Eldøy, one of the acclaimed designers who shaped the identity of Fjords. Eldøy once said, “It has been said that design is 98 percent common sense. The difference is found in the remaining 2 percent. When these 2 percent have the magic required to add that something extra to our lives, we cannot live without it.” 

Therapeutic Value

At Fjords, we understand that relaxation and health are intertwined, and our furniture pieces serve as a gateway for wellness. Fjords furniture is trusted by the experts to provide a wealth of therapeutic value. The expertly designed ergonomic features are built into every piece, aiming to reduce body stress and relieve physical tension, offering relaxation and therapeutic benefits that leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

Ultimate Relaxation

We understand relaxation is an essential component of well-being. That’s why our exquisite furniture pieces are meticulously crafted to provide the ultimate relaxation. Whether you’re settling in for an afternoon nap or enjoying a favorite book, Fjords furniture pieces offer a sanctuary of peace and relaxation, elevating your quality of life to new levels. 

Find a Dealer Near You

At Fjords, we partner with a network of esteemed dealers, many of whom are family-owned establishments, like our own. We carefully select our dealers to ensure a first-class furniture-buying experience. Find a local Fjords dealer near you.