How Adding Modern Furniture Can Uplift Almost any Space

How Adding Modern Furniture Can Uplift Almost Any Space

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, one trend continues to stand the test of time: modern furniture. With its sleek lines, innovative designs, and functionality, modern furniture has become a staple in homes, offices, and commercial spaces around the globe. At Fjords, we understand the power that modern furniture holds, and we're here to explore how pieces from our Modern Living Collection may be the perfect fit. 

Minimalism of modern furniture

Embracing Minimalism

One of the defining characteristics of modern furniture is its commitment to minimalism. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and simplicity are key for this interior design style. In a world cluttered with distractions, modern furniture offers a sense of calm and clarity to any space, allowing the beauty to shine through. 

Creating Visual Impact

Modern furniture isn't just about functionality; it's also about making a statement. Whether it's a bold accent chair or a sleek sofa, modern pieces can capture attention and become the focal point of a room. Find a Fjords dealer near you to help find the perfect furniture piece to create visual interest and intrigue that leaves a lasting impression. 

Maximizing your living space

Maximizing the Space

In today's urban environments where space is often limited, modern furniture offers practical solutions for maximizing your living space. With its compact designs and multifunctional features, modern furniture allows you to make the most of your space without sacrificing style. From modular sofas that can be rearranged to fit any layout to storage solutions disguised as design elements, modern furniture offers versatility and efficiency for modern living. 

Infusing Your Personality

While they’re often associated with clean lines and minimalism, modern furniture pieces also provide many opportunities for personal expression. With a wide range of materials, colors, and finishes to choose from, you can customize your furniture to reflect your unique style. At Fjords, there's a piece of furniture that speaks to each of us. 

Experience Our Modern Living Collection

Experience Our Modern Living Collection

From its commitment to minimalism and functionality to its ability to make a visual impact and maximize space, modern furniture offers countless benefits for interior design. So, whether you're looking to refresh your home, office, or commercial space, elevate your space and create a lasting impression by exploring our Modern Living Collection today.

Add Hygge to Your Home

Add Hygge to Your Home

With This One Element of a Sofa

Springtime is the best time to freshen up your home. Whether it’s a small update of a wreath and a new throw blanket, or a larger update with paint and furniture, it’s always a good idea to think intentionally about how you can make it a warm and inviting atmosphere. In this blog, we’ll explore how the upholstery textures of a sofa can ignite the hygge of your home and set the stage for pure relaxation.  

What is hygge?

This Scandinavian concept emphasizes the importance of creating a warm and inviting lifestyle, where comfort and wellness take center stage. At the end of the day, hygge is more than a home decor style. It’s the small decisions that allow you to live a life with meaning.  

What is hygge

Quality Upholstery Fabrics

At Fjords, we understand the significance of quality in every aspect of our furniture, and our fabric collection is no exception. Each fabric has undergone rigorous testing and approval in accordance with the esteemed Norwegian Møbelfakta quality requirements. Upholding Norwegian and international standards such as NS, EN, and ISO, these fabrics have met the highest benchmarks for durability and longevity. It is through this attention to detail that we ensure your upholstery will withstand the test of time, so you can live your life without worrying about ruining the upholstery of your furniture. 

Luxurious Leather Craftsmanship

The allure of leather is timeless - a symbol of elegance and refinement. At Fjords, we take pride in our fully protected top grain leather, meticulously crafted to grace your sofa. Through careful processing, we ensure that our leather is more resistant to liquids and the penetrating rays of sunlight. Rest easy in the knowledge that your leather upholstery possesses the durability to withstand the joys of everyday life, while exuding an air of sophisticated charm.  

For families seeking the pleasures of quality leather furniture without disrupting their daily routines, our Soft Line upholstery provides an ideal solution. Treated with a delicate, protective finish, it makes leather furniture care easy, as it forms an imperceptible shield that guards against stains and enhances resistance to liquids. Let the worries of spills melt away, allowing you to relish moments of pure relaxation with your loved ones. With Soft Line upholstery, you can fully indulge in the luxury of leather without any compromises.  

Explore our hygge sofas

Explore Our Sofas

In the pursuit of hygge at home, the texture of your sofa's upholstery fabric plays an important role. With Fjords, renowned for our dedication to heritage and craftsmanship, you have an opportunity to embrace the texture of upholstery fabric without limiting your lifestyle. Explore our range of sofas, each meticulously designed with your absolute comfort in mind. And remember: relaxation isn’t a luxury; it is an essential element of life that nourishes the soul. Find a Fjords dealer near you.

Fjords modern leather reclining sofa

Why You Should Upgrade Your Reclining Sofa

Upgrading your reclining sofa isn’t only an aesthetic choice. It’s also a quality choice. When you select Fjords furniture you don’t have to choose between style and quality. You can have both. In this blog, we’ll explore why you should upgrade your reclining sofa and invest in Fjords furniture for ultimate relaxation.  

1. Timeless Quality

Does your reclining sofa have stains or sagging cushions? Maybe your leather sofa has rips or shows wear. Or your sofa might be a design from 20 years ago. When your sofa is lacking, a furniture cover can’t always fix it. Whatever the reason for replacing your reclining sofa, investing in quality furniture has many benefits.  

Quality furniture stands the test of time. At Fjords we’re proud to have a legacy of craftsmanship that spans generations, offering our customers quality Scandinavian sofas that truly last.  

Our commitment to excellence is stitched into each piece of fabric or leather that we choose for our furniture collections. With a variety of fabrics and leathers and protective finishes to repel stains and liquids, we’ll ensure your modern reclining sofa lasts for years to come.  

2. Ergonomic Support

If you suffer from back or neck pain, finding the right furniture becomes essential. At Fjords, we offer optimal ergonomic support. Designed with the science of comfort in mind, our reclining sofas offer a blissful haven for your body.  

Every chair, recliner and sofa are available in two sizes and thoughtfully engineered to provide optimal lumbar support, relieving the strain on your weary muscles. Our Active Release System™ provides enhanced neck support and easy adjustment.  

When you choose Fjords reclining sofas, you can experience a level of comfort that transcends the ordinary and nurtures your body with every moment of relaxation. 

3. Improved Wellbeing

But Fjords furniture is about more than physical comfort; it's about your overall wellbeing. When you sink into a Fjords reclining sofa, you can find the ultimate relief from neck or back pain and weary muscles and feel your worries melt away. Fjords furniture gives you an experience that rejuvenates your mind, body and soul, leaving you refreshed and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. 

Our commitment to your wellbeing is ingrained in the very essence of our Scandinavian furniture. We believe relaxation is not a luxury, but an essential part of a fulfilled life. At Fjords our quality, design and functionality are unrivaled, ensuring you not only have a beautiful piece of furniture but one that is truly beneficial for your body. 

Find a Fjords Furniture Dealer

What do you think? Are you ready to upgrade your reclining sofa? Perhaps you want a modern leather reclining sofa or simply a sofa with a sleek modern design? Find a Fjords furniture dealer near you and experience Fjords modern Scandinavian furniture firsthand. Make the investment in your wellbeing when you select Fjords furniture for your home. Find a Fjords dealer today. 

a person can experience relaxation and ergonomic therapy when they visit a Fjords furniture dealer

Experience Fjords in Person with Official Fjords Furniture Dealers

As a renowned Scandinavian furniture brand, Fjords has established a strong reputation for ultimate relaxation, elevated design and ergonomic support. While online shopping offers convenience, visiting a Fjords furniture dealer in person provides a unique experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why it’s worth your time to visit a Fjords furniture dealer in person. 

Friendly & Knowledgeable Dealers

What factors are important to consider when buying furniture? When you step into a Fjords furniture dealer, you can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere. We select only the best furniture dealers to provide the Fjords experience, most of which are family-owned and operated.   

But more than just ambiance, Fjords dealers are known for their knowledgeable sales representatives who are well-versed in the brand's offerings. Whether you have questions about the construction, materials or design, these experts are there to guide you through the entire process. The passion and dedication of the dealers shines through in their service. 

Variety of Styles

Visiting a Fjords furniture dealer offers the advantage of experiencing a wide range of furniture styles firsthand. From sleek and modern chairs and recliners to classic and timeless sofas, you'll have the opportunity to explore our Fjords furniture collections and find the perfect match for your style and fit. 

Full-Body Comfort

Moreover, being able to experience the relaxation and full body comfort of Fjords products in person is incomparable. Fjords furniture is known for its ergonomic and therapeutic value, providing adjustable neck support and an Active Release System™ that offers ease and efficiency. The continuous reclining resting position allows you to find the perfect level of comfort, tailored to your needs. By physically testing and feeling the furniture in person, you can truly understand the exceptional quality and materials that set Fjords furniture apart. 

High-Quality Materials & Fabric

One of the distinguishing features of Fjords furniture is its use of cold cure foam. This cutting-edge technology ensures optimal comfort and long-lasting support. When visiting a Fjords furniture dealer in person, you can experience the difference firsthand, sink into the plush cushions and understand why this foam provides superior performance. 

When you visit an in-person Fjords furniture dealer, you can touch and feel the difference that high-quality leathers and fabrics make. Our friendly furniture dealers can help you make an informed decision about the care and comfort of the leather or fabric you select. This tactile experience adds a layer of personalization and reassures you of the upholstery quality.   

Continued Customer Service

At Fjords, our commitment to our customers extends far beyond the purchase of our exquisite furniture pieces. We believe that true luxury lies in the longevity of our products, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service even after you've brought our furniture into your home. Our knowledgeable dealers take great pride in offering continued support and guidance on how to care for your Fjords furniture, ensuring that it retains its beauty and performance for years to come. 

Find a Fjords Furniture Dealer Near You

Ready to experience the comfort and craftsmanship of Fjords furniture for yourself? Find a Fjords furniture dealer near you and embark on a journey of relaxation and elevated living. Find a dealer near you.

Best Luxury Recliners for Each Personality Type

Best Luxury Recliners for Each Personality Type

Home décor is an extension of your own personal style, yet it can be a daunting task choosing new pieces when your mind is focused on other things. Whether your time is spent making partner at your firm, volunteering in your community or keeping up with children or grandchildren, Fjords can make it easy to find the perfect luxury recliner for you.  

Simply find your personality type below:

Fjords Regent Luxury Recliner

The Boss

Fjords Regent Luxury Recliner

Classic Comfort Collection

If you’re on the go, working hard, you need a recliner to melt away stress at the end of the day. Whether you need a luxury reclining office chair for a fully appointed C-suite space or a living room recliner for your home, the Regent always makes an impact. It offers unparalleled ergonomic support through the Active Release System™, an integrated mechanism that provides optimal neck support. 

Make the decisions that work best for you with this customizable Fjords Regent luxury recliner. Choose a size to fit your space needs, whether large or small, and then pick from a selection of available high-quality leather materials or fabrics. 


The Tech Enthusiast

Fjords Dallas Luxury Recliner

Relax Collection 

For those who find technology as important as their favorite lounge chair, the Fjords Dallas swing relaxer marries the two. This luxury recliner features a USB port and motorized controls – all in a convenient location. With the Fjords Dallas luxury recliner, you can charge your phone or tablet and control the level of reclining, power lumbar support and head/neck support.  

The Fjords Dallas luxury recliner is available in two sizes (small and large), all leather materials and select fabrics. 


Fjords Milan WS Luxury Reclining Sofa

The Host

Fjords Milan WS Luxury Reclining Sofa

Relax Collection

Whether you’re hosting a large holiday gathering or a small group of close friends, the Fjords Milan WS will be the talk of the party. This luxury reclining sofa is built for two (or more), featuring adjustable height headrests, so you can accommodate all your guests’ preferences. If you want to outfit your entire living room with this elegant and cozy furniture, the Milan WS series is available as a luxury recliner, sofa and sectional configurations.  

The Fjords Milan WS luxury reclining sofa is available in all leathers, select fabrics and can be constructed with up to three seats. 


Fjords Axel Luxury Recliner

The Trendsetter

Fjords Axel Luxury Recliner 

Modern Living Collection

The Fjords Axel is the chair for those who want a sophisticated-looking luxury recliner without sacrificing comfort. Boasting a contemporary design in soft leather, this luxury recliner looks like a sleek sitting chair, but surprises visitors with its hidden leg support.  

The Fjords Axel luxury recliner is available in sizes small and large, along with a variety of supple leather options. 


Fjords Admiral R Luxury Recliner

The Reflective

Fjords Admiral R Luxury Recliner

Classic Comfort Collection

Curl up on the Admiral R luxury recliner for a cozy night at home. This recliner features continuous ergonomic support for your legs and back and an adjustable head pillow for maximum comfort. It includes a separate footstool crafted with laminated, stained rubberwood, for added elegant flair. With the Admiral in your home, the only thing missing for an ideal evening is a good book and maybe a cup of tea.  

The Fjords Admiral R luxury recliner is available in two sizes (small and large) in all leather materials and select fabrics. 


Find Your Fjords Recliner

Looking for a luxury recliner or luxury office chair? Fjords has options to suit any personality, style and specific size needs. We’ve perfected the combination of handcrafted Scandinavian style and ergonomic design. Find a Fjords luxury recliner of your own.

The Best Fjords Furniture for Small Rooms

The Best Fjords Furniture for Small Rooms

Furnishing small rooms and spaces can be a tricky puzzle. You want comfort and good design, but space-saving furniture options can be limited.  

But what if you looked at your small space not as a constraint, but as a canvas for creativity? 

Small living spaces challenge us to think creatively and make every inch count. Less room means more thoughtfulness in what we choose to fill it. It encourages decluttering, not just our space, but our overall aesthetic.  

The payoff? A living area that's a true reflection of streamlined, modern taste, embodying the minimalist charm of Scandinavian design. 

That’s where furniture by Fjords can be the perfect fit.  

Best Furniture for Small Rooms & Lasting Comfort

To make the most of a modest footprint—or design taste—simplicity is key.  

Opt for clean, modern furniture with sleek lines for an uncluttered, airy feel. Scandinavian-inspired pieces shine here, blending form with function.  

We also recommend investing in fewer, high-quality items to make a difference. These pieces offer not only durability but a timeless aesthetic that transcends trends.  

So, what are our picks for furniture for small rooms? Here are our top six sofas and recliners that fit the bill.  

Reclining Sofas for Small Spaces

The Fjords WS series of reclining sofas features a wall saver mechanism. This allows you to place the sofa closer to the wall, as the reclining part doesn’t swivel or glide nor does it need a lot of space to recline. And, of course, you’ll still get full body ergonomic support for complete relaxation.  

Here are our top WS series reclining sofas for small spaces.  

Harstad WS Reclining Sofa

Fjords Harstad WS reclining sofa in a homeThe Harstad WS reclining sofa is based on our popular Harstad swing relaxer. It features a manual-release headrest angle, offering an ergonomic seating experience and correct lower back support.  

With the wall saver feature, Harstad can fully recline only 8.5” from the wall. 

The Harstad is available in a variety of configurations to fit your space and needs: two-seat, three-seat and cinema with angled or straight modular tables. 

Venice WS Reclining Sofa

Fjords Venice WS reclining sofa in a homeThe Venice WS reclining sofa is based on our Venice swing relaxer. It features a motorized angled headrest and the wall saver mechanism that needs only 8.5” of space to fully recline. 

The Venice is available in loveseat and sofa options. (For the sofa version with three seats, only the end seats recline and are motorized.)  

Milan WS Reclining Sofa

Fjords Milan WS reclining sofa in a homeThe Milan WS reclining sofa—also based on a swing relaxer of the same name—features an adjustable-height headrest with manual release angle. Everyone can find the ultimate relaxing position on the Milan sofa. 

The Milan reclining sofa also comes in various configurations: love seat, three-seat and cinema with straight or angled modular tables. The tables have built-in storage, cupholders and USB ports, adding even more space-saving benefits.  

Chairs & Recliners for Small Rooms

Our chairs and recliners come in a variety of sizes, fabrics, leathers, wood colors and other options—so they’re sure to fit any size space and aesthetic.  

Explore a few of our space-saving furniture options.  

Fjords Bravo

Fjords Bravo chair and footstool in a homeThe Fjords Bravo is inspired by Scandinavian design with a playful, organic shape. It’s solid, yet light in character, so it does not create visual weight in your home. The chair is also physically light, making it easy to move when rearranging your space for the perfect layout.  

The Bravo chair comes with a footstool, offering full body relaxation or an additional seat when you have company over. Or simply move the additional piece elsewhere to create more room.  


Fjords Admiral chair and footstool in a homeThe Admiral chair provides continuous support for your legs and back. You can adjust the footstool for your height and preference, along with the adjustable head pillow. 

The base swivels 360 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about added seating to view everything around you. The Admiral recliner is available in two sizes, small and large, meaning you can choose the right one for your use and space.  


Fjords Finn recliner in a homeThe Fjords Finn features a contemporary design with unrivalled comfort. The recliner operates via a dual motorized design, providing continuous support for your legs and back. The footrest and back can be independently set to different positions. 

The Finn chair also has a swivel base, ensuring you can place it in one spot with the ability to interact with everyone around you. And it’s available in medium and large sizes so it can perfectly fit your space. 

Discover the Fjords Advantage

Whether you want a reclining sofa with an innovative wall saver mechanism or a chair and matching footstool, Fjords has a high-quality, elegant piece of furniture to fit your style and space—no matter its size.  

Find a Fjords dealer near you today to experience relaxation made beautiful.