Fjords Factory Authorized Sales Event

October 11 – 28, 2019

The world takes a lot out of you. Is it possible that your home seating could help restore you? Perhaps. If it adapts to your body and supports you in ways no other seating can. How it moves, how it works, how it feels. You, of course, will be the judge. Experience Fjords for yourself and decide. Now through October 28 when you purchase select Fjords product you will receive $200 OFF the purchase price.

Choose seating in our Classic Comfort Collection and receive $200 off your choice of Muldal, Bergen or Mustang recliners and ottomans in colors from our Quick Ship program, stocked right here in the USA. Or, enjoy similar savings on the Stockholm, Urban or Venice from our Relax Collection.

Exceptional relaxation and design. Click here to find a dealer nearest you.