Fjords Alfa 510

The Fjords Alfa 510 chair makes your seating experience ergonomic and by means of our Fjords® Active Release System™ the neck angle is automatically adjusted while you
recline. It is available with bases which have a 360° swivel. The base is produced in laminated, stained wood and you can choose between two different bases. Available in all our leathers and select fabrics, the Alfa 510 features relaxed upholstery and a softer cushioning. The chair is available in two sizes, small and large.

Alfa C-base Small/Large
W: 30,3″, 32,7″
H: 42,1″, 42,9″
D: 33,1″, 89″
SH: 17,7″
SD: 19,3″, 20,1″

Alfa R-base Small/Large
W: 30,7″, 33,1″
H: 42,5″, 43,3″
D: 32,3″, 34,3″
SH: 17,7″
SD: 19,3″, 20,1″

Foot stool
W: 19,7″
H: 16,5″
D: 18,9″